Kei Kei (Cambodia) Human Resource Co., Ltd is an oversea recruitment company providing a chance for Cambodian technical trainees to work at Japan and seeking the right people for Japanese companies who are demanding the human resource for the company's expansion.
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Our mission is not only sending technical intern trainees to work at Japan and find the right man for the company but also guiding and teaching our technical intern trainees to have enough ability for using Japanese languages in communication in work site at Japan. Moreover, we support and advise technical intern trainees on legal issues as well as general concern. On the other hand, before matching and arranging the interview between the clients and technical intern trainees, we have made critical judgment in order to provide convince for both parts.

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Kei Kei (Cambodia) Human Resource Co., Ltd is seeking for technical trainees who are specialize in assembling iron reinforcing bar<...


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KEI KEI (Cambodia) Human Resource Co., Ltd is creating Japanese course for those who are interested in studying Japanese and for those who interested in technical intern in Japan. It is a new course that ...

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